Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore 
Marsha Hall Brown 
Illustrated by Dawn Secord
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When the seven spectacular show dogs anxiously await the judge’s decision for Best In Show at Old Sachem Kennel Club, a skinny dark brown puppy sneaks into the ring, grabs the huge red, white, and blue rosette and races away. The dogs in the ring and the dogs in the gallery cry out in dismay until the brave Bulldog retrieves the award and returns it to the judge. Who is this puppy intruder who stole the show? Back in the grooming tent, the show dogs complain. Sick of the travel, the food, and their crates, Bloodhound, Poodle, Kerry Blue, Boxer, Springer, Corgi, and Yorkie devise an escape plan. 

 After the dogs sneak off in the night to travel by land and sea to begin a vacation on an island far away, they do not notice that their group has grown by one. As they hurry, with map in paw, from boat to train to steamship to an old woody convertible, they learn about the importance of cooperation, competition, and ultimately, friendship. In this fanciful children’s tale, the show dogs embark on an adventure that takes them from windmills to beaches, to lighthouses and a haunted house as they discover what it truly means to be champions. 

More to come!
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