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Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore 
Marsha Hall Brown 
Illustrated by Dawn Secord
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New York City: Press Release

Gold Medal Winning Writer and Dog Show Judge, Marsha Hall Brown Authors New Book Illustrated by National Award Winning Artist, Dawn Secord  Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore, the much anticipated first book in the Show Dogs Escape series, is due to be published by Archway Publishing from Simon and Schuster at the end of May, 2014. 

The book is a collaboration between celebrated artist, Dawn Secord and veteran dog writer and dog show judge, Marsha Hall Brown.
Created especially for young readers, Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore celebrates the world of dog shows as it teaches about pure-bred dogs with a level of detail and artistry never seen before in a children’s book. Along the way, it imparts important life lessons about competition, cooperation, and friendship that adults will appreciate sharing with the next generation of dog lovers. Secord’s beautifully rendered artwork offers a unique glimpse into an exclusive, yet welcoming world, delighting insiders as it entices newcomers to learn more about these magnificent canine companions. 

​SIGHT & SCENT - The Magazine of the Hound Group

Claire “Kitty” Steidel is a leading breeder of Basset Hounds and Petit Basset Griffon Vandeen, a multi- group judge and accomplished dog writer. We are proud to have her review of our book in the latest issue of Sight & Scent - The Magazine of the Hound Group:!online-edition/cyz7

Our wonderful review is on P. 25. Enjoy!

DOG NEWS - Book Review by AKC Judge and dog writer, Pat Trotter - Issue June 13, 2014

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THE CANINE CHRONICLE - Book Review by dog writer, Lisa Dube Forman

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What people are saying about Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore:

“This is a book that will appeal to young and old alike and anyone with an understanding of dog shows and pure-bred dogs will appreciate the insight shown by the author in the character development of the numerous breeds featured. Readers who know Nantucket will enjoy revisiting the island’s features that have been carefully woven into the story. The wonderful illustrations certainly add to the enjoyment.” Peter A. Frost – Teacher, Breeder-Exhibitor, International Judge  

“As a dog lover and dog owner all of my life, I have always gravitated toward mutts and rescues. Now, after reading Show Dogs Escape to the Seashore, I find it a joy to learn something new about dogs while enjoying a good story. The illustrations are fantastic - they are wonderful and engaging. A terrific book.” Richard Mailman – Television Writer, Producer, Hollywood, CA

“This children’s book is a total delight, subtly teaching and informing the reader on a myriad of topics ranging from information on showing dogs to the joys of spending time on a favorite island to learning to accept and celebrate our differences and similarities…”
Lyn Sherman, LCSW – World-Famous, Breeder-Owner-Exhibitor of Bloodhounds and former Nantucket summer resident

“This book reminds us that breed characteristics explain what the dogs were meant to do, and indeed that the poodle is a hunter. The beautiful illustrations are breed accurate with a whimsical touch that children will find amusing.”  
Jessica Otter – Westminster Junior Showmanship Winner and parent
“This is a charming tale about two worlds that Marsha Hall Brown knows very well – show dogs and that island out at sea. It will delight young people and pique the fancy of adults with its crisp writing and handsome illustrations.” Colonel G. Robert Stevens, USAF, Retired -- breeder-owner-exhibitor. New Hampshire  

“Marsha Hall Brown’s book is what I have been waiting for to introduce my granddaughters to the wonderful world of dog shows. Finally, I can explain to them what I have done every weekend for the past forty years. The story is great and the vocabulary will provide hours of discussion about dogs and dog shows. The illustrations and the use of poetry add a great touch to the final product making it interesting and entertaining”. Randy Schepper – American Kennel Club Registered Professional Handler, AKC Junior Showmanship Judge. Washington 

“A must for any child interested in the world of pure-bred dog competition, Marsha Hall Brown’s story is both educational and fun. The personalities of her dog characters reflect breed traits, and Dawn Secord’s charming illustrations are equally faithful to recognized standards. From the show ring to the seashore, it’s a show dogs ‘world full of glamour and intrigue, where former competitors learn cooperate, friendships replace rivalry, and seasoned veterans mentor a lively young pup.” Betsy Tyler – Research Director, Nantucket Historical Association and Award winning author. Massachusetts

“As a retired teacher and a member of the dog sport, this book appeals to me on many levels. The characters’ personalities are unfolded through their dialogue as they express a range of emotion and change toward maturity. The detailed illustrations will help children understand the concept that people-dogs can play and work together, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. Children will easily relate to the theme of finding one’s place in the world as the role of the German Shorthaired Pointer puppy is developed. This book has the potential to elicit rich discussions between a child a parent, and a teacher about the world around them.” Tamara Sasso – Retired teacher, American Kennel Club Breeder of Merit. Georgia  

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Personal appearances and Book Signings

​Marsha Hall Brown and Dawn Secord are available for appearances in Southern California.   Please contact Marsha Hall Brown or Deborah Oster Pannell for availability.

For more information about book orders, and in-store appearances, please contact:
Deborah Oster Pannell

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